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Vinyasa means to move with breath. Even though this class is meant to challenge you, make you sweat, push yourself, it's not just for advanced students. All levels can attend any Vinyasa Class. Gain strength and flexibility

Gentle Flow

Not ready for a sweaty Vinyasa? Too early or too late to move too much, need something slower, but not too slow? Gentle Flow is for you. Its exactly that, flowing and moving but more gently, great for beginners and advanced alike. This class will calm your mind while increasing flexibility and soothing sore muscles

Beginner Flow

Not even sure where to start? Injured? Advanced but need a refresher? Beginner Flow has its place for every student, young and old, new and advanced. Slow moving, alignment based class.

Power Flow

Lets WORK! Power flow is held at lunch time, allowing you to take a break from work and practice yoga! Moving faster, sweating more, working hard, but not doing super difficult poses. Come power flow with us and leave feeling ready to conquer the rest of your day!

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Yin Yoga

Yin is a style of Yoga that takes the student into the deeper muscles, holding poses for minutes at a time. Using multiple props and releasing tension, you will feel amazing after being taken through an hour of this slow moving class..


Restore is just what it sounds like. Restore the muscles, restore the mind, restore the breath. Moving slightly more than yin, and way more comfortable than yin. The best class to take after a stressful day at work, or when your body just needs a break and yoga is a must!


Lunch time Meditation! YES. ~50 minute guided meditation. If Power Flow is not your lunch time jam, try a mediation and walk back into work full of bliss and relaxation.

Hear What Our Happy Yoga Family thinks of us!

how we make people happy!

Hear What Our Happy Yoga Family thinks of us!

how we make people happy!

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