Bri Hursh

owner, yoga Instructor

Bri comes from a fitness background. Always lifting and running, never ever stretching. While training in late 2012 she came across yoga. Being competitive, she couldn’t believe she couldn’t touch her toes!


She dove into yoga, taking 3 classes a week at the local gym, it took about a year to finally touch her toes. In 2016 she received her 200hr certification. Before going through teacher training, yoga was always about the body.  

During YTT, Bri’s life was twisted and turned upside down and the quote “its not about the asana” finally made sense in her mind.


Yoga is not all about how your body feels, even though hitting that beautiful dancer pose is always fun, it’s about how you FEEL afterwards. She was so happy after yoga and was finally realizing that, so she wanted to open a space where we focus on not just their body, but the heart, the mental aspect of yoga: bliss and happiness.


Come to Happy Flow Yoga as you are, but don’t leave until you’re happy. Power Yoga is still a favorite, so make sure to find your way into one of Bri’s Power classes! Happy Flowing. 

Janell Webber

studio manager | yoga Instructor

Janell has been practicing yoga her entire adult life. As a childhood gymnast, and adult climber, body movement and awareness has always been a part of her life and yoga has been the most consistent practice throughout.

Janell studied naturopathic herbal medicine in 2012 and became inspired to help people take control of their wellness and heal their bodies naturally. While embarking on her own healing journey, she realized that yoga was so much more than just a physical practice, but a complete body, mind and soul exercise.

She received her 200 hour YTT certificate in August 2019, and is excited to share all of her healing energy with the Happy Flow Yoga community.

Amanda Sacket

front desk | yoga Instructor

Amanda found yoga in 2017 when she attended a free class hoping to find a good workout, what she found was so much more. 


She found what it felt like to slow down and find inner peace. Using the asanas as a metaphor for life yoga became very therapeutic for Amanda. Yoga gave her the tools to fight anxiety and depression. 


What she found in yoga was so powerful she wanted to share it with everyone! She believes yoga can be beneficial for everyone and it’s her passion to share it with the world.


Jessica Filloon

yoga Instructor

Jessica has been practicing yoga since she was a teenager, to manage stress and to add variety to her workouts. Although, a breast cancer diagnosis in 2016 made her truly recognize the great mental and physical healing benefits of yoga.


She obtained her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate in early 2018 with a goal to deepen her personal practice and to be able to share her passion and the joys of yoga with others. Her favorite aspect of yoga is its non-competitive nature which allows the practitioner to focus on self-care and self-love, things we often overlook.


When she is not on the mat, you can find her chasing her two busy boys around or having dance parties with them in the ‘mama-van’. Jessica is a certified reiki practitioner and strives to inspire others through her personal blog.

Ashlyn Medina

yoga Instructor

Ashlyn is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Instructor. Touched by all aspects of the yoga practice, from its physical benefits to its philosophy, Ashlyn is devoted to sharing it with others. 

Ashlyn enjoys exploring different styles–Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin– in her personal practice as well as in her classes. She believes practicing mindfulness, breathing, and patience on your yoga mat will help you feel more grounded and joyful in everyday life. Whether she is teaching new students or life-long yogis, she is committed to creating a safe space for people to find strength and balance.

Credentials: Yoga Alliance RYT 200, Yoga Tune Up Embodied Integrated Anatomy Training, Yin Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training, B.A.

Izzy Sakulpongyuengyong

yoga Instructor

Starting yoga around four years ago, I had been inspired by the mental and physical benefits the practice has given me. 


Now as a registered teacher, I hope to work with others in using yoga to find a creative safe space in which to open both heart and mind.


Through the creation of physical movement and mindful breath work, my goal is to get one into a state of love and happiness.​

Jenny Jensen

yoga Instructor

Jenny was introduced to yoga during her college years at UC Santa Barbara. As an athlete, the physical practice is what originally drew her in, but she really came to love the healing nature of yoga. She enjoyed the idea of the mat as a space we could come to no matter what was going on in our lives. 

After returning to her hometown of Yorba Linda, Jenny decided to deepen her yoga practice and completed Yoga Sol’s 200 hour.

Yoga Teacher Training in early 2018. She is incredibly thankful to be able to share everything she has learned in her training with the students at Happy Flow.
In addition to her yoga practice, Jenny is an avid runner, hiker, and swimmer. In her free time, Jenny is a foodie who loves to travel all over the country and find tasty vegetarian treats.

Stephanie Wise

yoga Instructor

Lula Cervantes

front desk | yoga Instructor

Lula Cervantes is a natural born healer and yoga teacher based in California. She is currently studying psychology and continues to learn more about the yoga practice. Her spiritual journey began as a child riding horses, playing in the dirt, and spending time in the woods of New Jersey.

Lula maintains her connection with nature by taking backpacking trips, hiking, trail running and climbing. She has completed a 200 hour Vinyasa training at Laughing Lotus NYC in 2007 and a 200 hour Anusara training at Abhaya Yoga in Brooklyn, NY in 2010, many years of meditation and training, and received her Reiki Master certificate.

Combining yoga and meditation with outdoor exploration Lula has profoundly shifted her relationship with her mind and body.
Lula’s mission is to creatively help others transform from the inside out using many methods of healing. It is her intention to bring out and create more beauty in the world through the art of transformation.

Ciara Cunningham

Ciara Cunningham

yoga Instructor

Ciara’s journey teaching yoga started through her desire to cultivate community, as she finds it is one of the most innate human desires.

With a background in gymnastics and dance, Ciara found the asanas came naturally but the hard work came with pranayama and integrating mindfulness and meditation to her life.

While she loves to challenge her students, she teaches with intention clarity in her cues to craft a class that is easily digestible for all yogis. 

Myra Duvell

yoga Instructor

I originally started yoga as a way to negate the effects of stress. I found so much joy in the practice and tremendous relief from a stressful job. As time went by, I decided that I would love to share all that I loved so much about the practice. The movement with breath made me feel like I had never felt with any other activity. The blissed out feeling at the end of each practice no matter how hard or easy is a wonderful feeling. Helping others find more balance and joy in their lives became a very important goal. I was encouraged to go forward by my first mentor, Patrick Freeman. I did my first training with Patrick, and taught a couple of years at the Brea Community Center. At that point, I decided I would like to do more training and expand my teaching experience.

I pursued additional training at Cloud Nine under the supervision of Samantha Gallo and Alexis Kemp earning my 200 hour certification in 2010. I went on to teach at other studios such as Freeman, Unfold Yoga, and Deep Dog Yoga in addition to the Community Center.

I place strong emphasis on upper body strength without the overuse of Chaturangas as well as flexibility. Playfulness and joy are encouraged as part of each class. I use all types of music from classical to rock and traditional yoga music as part of my classes.

Michelle DeSantis

yoga Instructor

Michelle’s classes encourage students to challenge themselves through focused, mindful movements, alignment-based cues, and drills aimed to improve functionality and mobility of the body. To balance out the heat within her classes, she weaves in tools such as pranayama (breath-work), sensory cues, and insights from her heart to cultivate a safe space for students to turn inward and reflect. By creating space within the body and mind, her students leave feeling lighter, limber, and connected stronger to their heart and mind.

Michelle moved home from college and found herself immersed within the yoga community after experiencing the peace and stillness it brought to her mind. With a background in gymnastics, her flexibility allowed her to easily access advanced asanas but she struggled with strength and proper technique. After 4 years of practicing Vinyasa and Hatha flows, Michelle craved a deeper understanding of the poses and philosophy surrounding yoga. She expanded her knowledge by completing her 200 Hour Teaching Certification in June of 2018 through alignment-based studies at Kaya Yoga Remedy.

By continually showing up on her mat, yoga transformed Michelle to focus only on the present moment and to live a mindful, compassionate life. In her free time she loves to bake and is a huge foodie at heart.

Maria Dolliver

yoga Instructor

Bio coming soon.

Lily Case

yoga Instructor

Since 2017 I have been developing my own personal yoga practice through watching and following videos online… I was always intimidated by the thought of going to a studio. However in 2018 I finally realized that there is nothing to be scared of so I took my first studio class ever. There I found this amazing community of yogis and was able to dive deeper into the philosophy of yoga!

In 2019 I decided that I wanted to learn more about yoga so I obtained my 200 hour YTT certification.

Yoga has allowed me to calm my mind and find balance… my only wish is that I can share that with as many people as possible.

Jessica Klingsberg

yoga Instructor

Jessica began practicing yoga at 5 years old with her grandmother, a Buddhist, in Mt. Shasta, California. Since then, her love of the practice & study of movement science has taken her through her biopsychology degree at UC Davis, her graduate degree in Physical Therapy at Mount St. Mary’s College, and an advanced certification as a Sports Clinical Specialist (SCS). She holds certifications as a yoga instructor, Pilates instructor, NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist, aquatics instructor and indoor cycling instructor. She is a former Physical Therapist & Trainer for Cirque Du Soleil, and currently works as an Advanced Practice PT at the St. Jude Centers for Rehabilitation & Wellness in Brea, CA. 

Aside from multiple continuing education courses in yoga, including Acro Yoga, Yoga for Therapeutic Rehabilitation, and Happy Hips & Back, Jessica received her first formal yoga training in 2006 & completed her 200-hour certification in May of 2018. She LOVES being an active Mom to her 2 teenage children, Grace & Kieran, and delights in good friends, delicious food, cool music & awesome travel!

Cynthia Headrick

yoga Instructor

Cynthia did her yoga training with Just Yoga in 2017. She has always done something physical. Tap, ballet, jazz in younger years. Lifting weights in the young adult years. Running 2 marathons and a mini triathlon.

She has always loved to challenge herself. Not only was yoga a physical challenge, but more so a mental challenge. Slowing down, listening to her breath and body, is a gift yoga has given her, and has become a prominent health tool in her life. Knowing how much it has helped her change and grow is what keeps her coming to the mat, and why she was called to teach. One is transformed by the beautiful practice of yoga.

Kristy Foster

yoga Instructor

Kristy has worked in the corporate world for close to 30 years, 15 of those years, as a corporate executive. She has tremendous gratitude for her corporate position, as it enabled her to raise teenage kids and it provided the financial resources for them to achieve their own successful careers.

With grown children that are now gainfully employed, she has more time and energy to focus on her own dreams. Years ago, she fell in love with yoga. Despite her busy schedule, she found a local studio, around the corner from her corporate office and committed to practice on Monday nights. Yoga gave her a few blissful moments away from all the overwhelming demands and deadlines. Finding Happy Flow Yoga in the summer of 2018 has deepened her love and commitment to her yoga practice. Going to classes 4-6 days per week, instead of once per week, has been a game changer in her life. Yoga goes with her beyond the mat now and reaches out into her daily world.

After having many friends, family, and coworkers ask her to teach classes, she took the plunge and signed up for the first teacher training class at HFY. Being safe and educated is key to her success.

When she’s not working or on the mat, Kristy enjoys a somewhat rural farm life, here locally. She shares her home with 3 horses, 2 goats, 7 chickens, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and Templeton the mouse. She’s an avid weekend cheese maker, enjoys gardening, and has run the Long Beach full marathon, the Big Sur 21 miler and 60 half marathons. She also enjoys church activities and finds yoga to meld nicely with her Christian beliefs.

Maureen Eckhardt

yoga Instructor

Maureen originally discovered yoga through her local gym and immediately fell in love with the practice. She took her first training through Yoga Fit and started teaching at the same gym. Wanting to deepen her practice, she completed her 200 hour training at Yoga Works and later completed her additional 300 hour advanced training at Soul at Home. She is also a KRI certified Kundalini teacher. 

Maureen incorporates alignment and connecting to the breath to help guide her students to find their own practice. Her goal is to always grow and learn as a teacher and as a student so she can be her highest self both on and off the mat.

Corey Moran


At age 12, Corey procured his first computer. A sedentary lifestyle ensued for nearly 2 decades. It wasn’t until his mid twenties he vanquished video games from his life and began his physical journey. He discovered sports for the first time, Indoor Rock Climbing and Racquetball. Meditational and calming effects came from these discoveries, but not without a reality check that he has the flexibility of a steel bar. 


This led him to yoga. For many sun orbits he was shy and inflexible hiding in the back corner of the studio. Yoga almost veered from his path when a teacher ridiculed his inflexibility over the microphone. All fear and judgment has since been expelled from his being. He has learned to laugh at and love his body as is. 


Corey is absolutely infatuated with the breath and what it can do for the mind, body and soul. The dance we call yoga is part of his daily practice for the rest of his life. This makes future Corey beyond delighted.

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