At Happy Flow Yoga you are family.

Our safe warm and welcoming community and staff will ensure you have nothing short of an amazing experience.

Are you new to yoga and want to try it but feel intimidated?  Trying new things can be scary especially something like yoga. Not to fear though our knowledgable teachers will guide you through each class no matter what level of fexibilty you have.  It doesn’t matter what shape, size, age or flexibility you are, yoga is for everyone.

If you are dipping your toes into yoga take our Beginner, Gentle, and Restorative classes.  After one class you will feel the amazing benefits that a class at Happy Flow Yoga has to offer.

What can you expect from yoga?

Increased Mobility & Flexibility


Weight Loss

Fewer Aches and Pains

Better Sleep

About Happy Flow Yoga Family

We want to make people feel happier, on and off the yoga mat.

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